RESTOSANA Mesh 60s Men's Top
RESTOSANA Mesh 60s Men's Top

RESTOSANA Mesh 60s Men's Top

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RESTOSANA Mesh Vintage 60s Men's Polo Shirt. Rare polo shirt from the 60s with see-through fabric. The collar has a glue stain from the label that will most likely go after cleaning. 

Fit: Size 5 = a Medium in today's sizing standards.

Material: Acrylic

Made in: Germany

We take great pride in the preservation of our pieces and aim to provide vintage in the best possible condition. Please keep in mind that even unworn pieces with tags still attached can fall prey to time, light and travel, which is why some items might show minor flaws or imperfections, anything more significant will be noted. But of course, this is all part of the retro charm. For further information on any item feel free to use the contact form and we will be happy to help.