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NIDECKER Kevlar Snowboard Mittens

NIDECKER Kevlar Snowboard Mittens

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NIDECKER Kevlar Snowboard Mittens

High quality snowboarding mittens, besides the cool colors and design, they feature a layer of Kevlar on the tip and the palm.  

Kevlar is a heat-resistant, high-strength synthetic fiber, typically used in gloves, bulletproof vests, combat helmets, cycling tires and many other durable products.

Nidecker is a family-owned Swiss snowboarding company based in Rolle, Switzerland. It was founded in 1887. Nidecker specializes in the art of gliding, whether on snow or water.

Men's size guide: 8 = S, 8.5 = M, 9 = L, 9.5 = XL, 10 = XXL

Ladies size guide: 5 = XXS, 6 = XS, 6.5 = S, 7 = M, 7.5 = L

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